Jade Roller for Face,Anti-aging Jade Roller Massager Eye Jade Facial

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Quick View: Reduce Facial Wrinkles And Dark Circles, Eliminate Edema And Relieve Stress, No Squeaking Noise, Professional High Quality Packaging To Ensure Jade Roller Massager Is Transported To Your Hands Intact, Super Easy To Use And Lifetime Warranty

Super Easy to Use Whenever & Everywhere
❥The larger roller is suitable for the eyes, cheeks, forehead and neck. It is pushed from the top to the bottom in the direction of skin growth. This can improve the skin and avoid sagging muscles
❥The smaller roller is suitable for the eyes, massage around the eyes, and massage clockwise from the inside to the outside, which can reduce the fine lines of the eyes and prevent wrinkles
❥Our Anti-aging Jade Roller & Gua Sha are lightweight and easy to carry, so you can give your skin a relaxing massage whenever and wherever. You can take it easily with you when you go out


☛1*Jade Roller Massager

☛1*Gua Sha Scraper tool

☛1*Luxury Carry Pouch

☛1*Superior Quality Magnetic Box

☛1*User Manual

OYOROL Jade Roller Massager Set Maintenance:
❥Be prepared when not in use: it is best to put it in a bag or box to avoid scratching
❥Avoid collision with hard objects: although the hardness of jade is high, it is easily cracked after collision
❥Avoid dust as much as possible: if there is dust, clean it with a soft brush
❥Avoid direct sunlight for a long time: jade will expand thermal expansion, which will affect jade

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❤ELIMINATE PUFFINESS & RELIEVE STRESS❤: Use jade roller in the morning can effectively eliminate facial edema and maintain a good state of the day, ues jade roller at night can promote blood circulation and relieve the stress of one day’s work.conveniently scraped jade roller for face, elegantly curved jade roller massager, does not hurt your skin.puffiness treatments face roller real jade massager.
❤REDUCE FACIAL WRINKLES & DARK CIRCLES❤: Repair facial skin, keeps it fresh & firm and rejuvenates,long-term use of jade roller massager, your skin will be nourished by jade roller, and jade roller massager is also more transparent due to penetration of oil.jade roller for face puffiness treatments facial massager roller.
❤NON-SQUEAKY NOISE❤: Superior quality real jade roller massager for face,durability and no squeaking noise, professional packaging to ensure that jade roller can reach your hands intact.hand polished and smooth jade roller massager, the lines are as smooth and flowing as water.roller real jade face massager puffiness treatments.
❤100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE & YOUR MONEY BACK❤: We Promise That Each OYOROL Real Jade Roller Massager For Face Will Pass Through High Standards Of Strict Test Before Packaging To Ensure Every Customers Will Get The Best Product And Survice. If You Are Not 100% Satisfied You Can Choose A Full Refund Or A New Replacement.Get Your Face Jade Roller Massager Today.【We Do Not Authorize Any Sellers to Sell On Amazon.com, Please Do Not Buy OYOROL Products From Other Sellers】